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SENIOR C - 2018

Well for a bunch of guys and girls coming together for the first time as a team our Senior C Players  showed that with guts and determination we could take it to the best teams in the League.  It took a wile to get into gear but by the end of the season we showed that we had what it took to be at the pointy end of the League, pushing the top teams to their limits in the final rounds of the season.
2018 will see the League become more competitive with an influx of new players coming from the Adelaide Summer League competition, some wiley veterans becoming more involved with the team and the much improved lineup from the 2017 Season.
This will no doubt take the competition to the next level and add benefit to the growth of the IHSA  competitions in South Australia.
We would like to wish all Clubs all the best in the inaugural season, but  beware the Falcons will be in it to win it!!
All the best for the 2018 Senior C season, let's go out there and show 'em what you've got!  "GO BLUE"!!!!!
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